Staten Island Nightlife: Feasting for ‘San Giuseppe’ in Grasmere

A group photo on Instagram from Bocelli

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Each year on March 19, retired State Supreme Court Justices Philip G. Minardo, Anthony I. Giacobbe and John Fusco co-host a feast in honor of St. Joseph at Bocelli Ristorante in Grasmere.

Monday’s divine dinner brimmed with members of the legal and medical communities, who raised their glasses to laud “San Giuseppe,” reflect on cherished ancestry and dine on “old country” specialties. (Check out the gallery above for a glimpse of the good times.)

“Tonight we have gathered good people together to celebrate the feast of St. Joseph … the most prominent saint and the patron saint of Italy,” said Justice Minardo. “We’re also celebrating our Italian heritage, our family and friends and what Italian’s do best, the three Fs: of family, friends and food.”

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