What to eat & drink right now on Staten Island

A delicious dessert dish from Bocelli

Staten Island live reports on Bocelli’s zucchini blossoms “The savory version wraps around four cheeses. Then, they are deep-fried and plated with a composed salad. And congratulations to the restaurant with its new rating from Open Table — 4.8 stars, a bump upward.  Says manager Vincent DeMonte, “It reminded me of 20 years ago when I […]

Original ‘Jersey Boys’ star performs at birthday bash in Grasmere

A group photo on Instagram from Bocelli

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. —  There’s something extra special about milestone birthdays — a time in one’s life that can promote a little soul searching.  Big birthdays often prompt us to reflect on the past and life’s more poignant moments, but at the same time we get to contemplate all the fun, brand new beginnings that […]

Staten Island Nightlife: Feasting for ‘San Giuseppe’ in Grasmere

A group photo on Instagram from Bocelli

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Each year on March 19, retired State Supreme Court Justices Philip G. Minardo, Anthony I. Giacobbe and John Fusco co-host a feast in honor of St. Joseph at Bocelli Ristorante in Grasmere. Monday’s divine dinner brimmed with members of the legal and medical communities, who raised their glasses to laud “San Giuseppe,” reflect on […]

Staten Island Nightlife: Hot Thursday is new Saturday in Grasmere

A group photograph

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y . — Thursday is the new Saturday — on Staten Island that is —  especially for Danielle Baum, who really knows how to throw a party! More than 120 dressed to impress guys and gals made their presence known last night at Bocelli Ristorante, the Grasmere dining spot where they partied h-e-a-r-t-i-l-y […]

Staten Island Nightlife: Bocelli Ristorante offers something for everyone

A group photograph of four men

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — It’s another Friday night out on the Staten Island social circuit, and although some may opine January is customarily the slowest month for the restaurant industry —  Bocelli Ristorante defies that phenomena: The well-appointed Grasmere dining spot continues to brim with diners in search of the “whole package.” FYI: Over the […]

Bocelli Named One of NYC’s Top Italian Restaurants

2017 Diners' Choice Award

Bocelli’s is honored and proud to be named one of the top 10 best Italian restaurants in New York City.  Bocelli’s mission is to not only serve you authentic Italian food but to make you feel as if you are in Italy with their beautiful Decor.  “When it comes to good italian food, there’s no […]